I studied computer science with a minor in pedagogy at the University of Ulm, Germany. After my degree in computer science i worked at the Institute of Databases and Information Systems (DBIS) at the University of Ulm.  From September 2010  until April of 2011 i teached computer science, math and physics at the Maristenkolleg Mindelheim.

Now i am working at KIRU as Produktmanager for eGovernment. When i am not at KIRU i teach students at the HNU and the HU in computer science especially computer science basics and Databases.

My interests are in classical teaching, which i did a lot during my time at DBIS and the Maristenkolleg and now at HNU an HU.  But also e-teaching is an important topic for me.

Projects i build in this domain are the DBIS-Software-Lab and Didap (Didaktisch aufbereitete Prozessbeschreibung – means didactic anotated process description), which is described in my diplom thesis and  in “Nutzeradäquate Prozessbeschreibungen: Didaktische Prozessverbesserung zur Steigerung der Anwenderakzeptanz“.

During my time at the University Ulm i was one of the founder members and advisors of the web portal Medienmami.de, a pedagogical guide for parents made by students of computer science, which earned several awards during it’s five years.

Also i am interested in mobile devices and mobile e-learning, especially the iPhone.

To mix up my interests i did a phd and created a system called “mfg” (mobile Facebook Gestationsdiabetes), where i combined social media, mobile devices and health support for long term illnesses. For more information see mfg.predeschly.de (only german sry)

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