I studied computer science with a minor in pedagogy at the University of Ulm, Germany. After my degree in computer science i worked at the Institute of Databases and Information Systems (DBIS) at the University of Ulm. Afterwards i teached computer science, math and physics at the Maristenkolleg Mindelheim.

After my time as a teacher i worked at KIRU as Productmanager for eGovernment. When i was not at KIRU i taught students at the HNU and the HU in computer science especially computer science basics and databases.

My interests are in classical teaching, which i did a lot during my time at DBIS and the Maristenkolleg and now at HNU an HU.  But also e-teaching is an important topic for me. Projects i build in this domain are the DBIS-Software-Lab and Didap (Didaktisch aufbereitete Prozessbeschreibung – means didactic annotated process description), which is described in my thesis and  in “Nutzeradäquate Prozessbeschreibungen: Didaktische Prozessverbesserung zur Steigerung der Anwenderakzeptanz“.

During my time at the University Ulm i was one of the founder members and advisors of the web portal Medienmami.de, a pedagogical guide for parents made by students of computer science, which earned several awards during it’s five years.

I am also interested in mobile devices and mobile e-learning, especially the iPhone. Therefore i did some lectures for our customers at KIRU.

In my phd i created a system called  Mobile Facebook Gestional diabetes, where i combined social media, mobile devices and health support for long term illnesses. For more information see mfg.predeschly.de or the online publication of my phd with the Title “Entwicklung einer Infrastruktur zum Selbstmonitoring unter Nutzung sozialer Netzwerke für die Bewältigung von Krankheiten” (both only in german sry)

Since April 2018 i am Professor for databases, web-applications and e-sport at fh-wedel.

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